Two signs that your car's brakes are about to fail

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If your vehicle's brakes fail when you're driving, the consequences could be fatal. As such, it's important to learn how to recognise the signs of failing brakes. Here are two such signs. Your car is producing unusual noises There are specific noises that a car produces when there are problems with its brakes. If for example, you hear a very high-pitched squeal when you press down on the brake pedal, this usually means that the brake pads have completely worn out.

12 July 2017

Why You Should Leave the Job of Towing Your Car to the Experts

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Are you the kind of person who is always looking for an alternative option, rather than going down the accepted path toward solving a problem? Many people are, especially as they worry about unexpected or unwanted bills. If you're unlucky enough to suffer a breakdown when you are driving your car, you may be looking for different ways to fix this issue and thinking about getting a friend to help tow your vehicle.

30 June 2017

5 Things That Should Be Checked Before Replacing Auto Compressors

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Some car owners may wrongly diagnose the problem with the AC system of their cars and replace a compressor when something else was responsible for the failing compressor. This article discusses some of the components that professionals check before replacing the compressor in a car. Refrigerant Line Grounding Some car owners may think that the AC compressor is failing when they experience vibrations inside the car as the AC is working.

30 June 2017

How to Stay Comfortable When Driving a Moving Truck Across the Country

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Hiring a moving truck is a great way to get your belongings to the other side of the country, but before you embark on days of driving, you should review these tips. They will help you stay safe and comfortable on the road: 1. Consider Hiring a Professional Driver The easiest and safest option may be to hire a professional. Instead of getting behind the wheel of a large moving truck, consider hiring a removals company or a freight company to move your stuff for you.

25 June 2017

Important Car Rental Tips for New Consumers

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Hiring a car offers consumers the benefit of convenient travel in situations where they are unable to use their own vehicles. But the rental process is not always a pleasant one for many new car renters. Whatever your reasons for needing a car for rent, it is important for you to be acquainted with the ins and outs of the rental process, especially if you are a first-time consumer, so you can avoid having unpleasant experience with car rental companies.

20 June 2017

Moving House? You Might Need a Refrigerated Van

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Moving house is a complicated enough operation as it is, with so much to organise in terms of moving furniture and other belongings, plus getting everything together regarding the handover of the properties. The last thing you want is to discover some of your possessions have been damaged in transit. But you may be surprised to learn that it's a real possibility with some items, even if they're transported carefully between homes.

16 June 2017

Early Signs That Your Car Needs a Differential Checkup


If you only use your car for short-distance traveling, you will probably not come across the term "differential repair" during your car's lifetime. However, this does not mean that you should ignore signs that your vehicle's differential is failing. Ignoring even the slightest warning sign of a failing differential can be the difference between life and death; a damaged differential might cause your drivetrain to lock—a situation you do not want to be in, especially when you are cruising.

1 June 2017

How Should You Modify Your Vehicle for Better Off-Roading or a Meaner Look?


Many people treat their form of transportation as more than something utilitarian. They want to satisfy their sense of adventure with their daily ride and as a consequence often look to modify the settings that came with the vehicle when they purchased it. In this way, they're looking for a cross between performance and aesthetics and frequently, also looking for better capability in off-road situations. There are a number of different approaches to take when trying to tick all these boxes.

29 May 2017

Why Should You Buy a Caravan with an Independent Suspension System?

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When you buy a caravan, you'll probably be thinking more about how many people it can carry and what kind of features it offers, rather than what type of suspension system it uses. After all, suspension systems aren't the most interesting things in the world, but you should pay attention to the type used by each model since they can make a real difference. When you're looking for your new caravan, try looking for one that uses independent suspension.

16 May 2017

5 tech savvy features that will make your new car your new best friend

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Technology is making driving less of a chore and turning it into a fun and easy task. Here are 5 tech features to look for in cars that add to driving enjoyment as well as enhanced safety.  Native Bluetooth integration Having your phone or tablet integrated into your car means the end of listening to boring radio stations and flicking between stations to avoid the commercial breaks. Instead you can listen to all of the music you love, or your favourite podcast or audiobook, which can make the daily commute go so much smoother.

13 June 2016