Why You Should Leave the Job of Towing Your Car to the Experts

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Are you the kind of person who is always looking for an alternative option, rather than going down the accepted path toward solving a problem? Many people are, especially as they worry about unexpected or unwanted bills. If you're unlucky enough to suffer a breakdown when you are driving your car, you may be looking for different ways to fix this issue and thinking about getting a friend to help tow your vehicle. Why do you need to be very careful here, and what could go wrong?

It's Decision Time

In most situations, your friend will not be professionally equipped to tow your vehicle and will use commonplace, but very rudimentary techniques to get the job done. Certain towing techniques may be fine with one type of car, but in other situations, they could cause a certain amount of damage, which would definitely cause monetary distress. You have to be aware of the risks before you make such a decision.

How are You Going to Do This?

Is it okay to tow the vehicle with all four wheels rolling along on the ground? This can be difficult to achieve, especially as the front wheels may have a tendency to move to one side or the other, during such a manoeuvre. In this case, should you lift the front wheels off the ground?

Think about Lubrication

Here, you have to think about how moving parts are lubricated. Your car is equipped with a specific amount of oil, designed to protect a variety of different components, and this oil is engineered to work properly when the car is being used in normal, everyday driving. Often, the oil will only reach the components it is supposed to protect when the engine is moving and pumping accordingly.

What You Are Risking

It's possible that this vital lubricant will not come into contact with certain components (such as the transfer case or the transmission) when you are towing the vehicle without really knowing what you're doing. If these parts become overheated, damage could occur. A transmission system without full lubrication could lock and if this were to happen, the driveshafts connected to the turning wheels might break.

Are You Sure This Is Safe?

There is also a safety consideration. Professional towing companies have all the right gear to make sure that your vehicle (and other road users) are fully protected during recovery. It's unlikely that you will be able to recreate this level of protection when relying on your friend to help you.

Call out the experts; it will be better in the long run.


30 June 2017

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