How to Stay Comfortable When Driving a Moving Truck Across the Country

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Hiring a moving truck is a great way to get your belongings to the other side of the country, but before you embark on days of driving, you should review these tips. They will help you stay safe and comfortable on the road:

1. Consider Hiring a Professional Driver

The easiest and safest option may be to hire a professional. Instead of getting behind the wheel of a large moving truck, consider hiring a removals company or a freight company to move your stuff for you. Then, you can either fly or drive your own car.

2. Practice Before the Real Event

If you decide that you want to drive your own moving truck, that's okay. Lots of people have safely travelled this road before you. To prepare, you may want to practice a bit. Most moving trucks don't have rearview mirrors because the large trailer makes them useless.

As a result, you need to be able to rely solely on your side mirrors. You may want to practice driving without the rearview mirror on your own vehicle. Then, it will be easier when you're in command of the moving truck.

3. Ask for a Relatively New Moving Truck

When you talk with the hire company, ask if it's possible to get a relatively new moving truck. Typically, new trucks have nicer interiors than older trucks, and the seats are more comfortable because they haven't been used much.

4. Insist on Air Conditioning

If you are moving in the summer, an air conditioned cab is a must have. Driving with the windows open is noisy, and at high speeds, it reduces your fuel efficiency. To stay comfortable, you need air conditioning.

5. Plan Entertainment

So you don't get too bored behind the wheel, plan some entertainment. If the moving truck has an AUX port, you can plug in your own mobile and play music or podcasts from there. Alternatively, if you only have access to a radio, research some of the big stations in the areas you will be driving through. Then, you know where to tune in at various locations.

6. Go Easy on the Brakes

Moving trucks are significantly bigger and heavier than the vehicles you normally drive. As a result, they take more effort when braking. Always try to anticipate when you need to stop and start to apply the brakes early. Then, press them down gently and slowly to avoid jolts.

7. Pack Essentials by the Door

If you have to pack items that you need on the journey in the moving truck, make sure those items are by the door of the trailer. That way you can access them easily. Alternatively, keep a small bag in the cab of the truck.


25 June 2017

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