Moving House? You Might Need a Refrigerated Van

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Moving house is a complicated enough operation as it is, with so much to organise in terms of moving furniture and other belongings, plus getting everything together regarding the handover of the properties. The last thing you want is to discover some of your possessions have been damaged in transit.

But you may be surprised to learn that it's a real possibility with some items, even if they're transported carefully between homes.

It's all to do with temperature. Moving trucks often get particularly hot inside, considerably warmer than the ambient temperature outside, and that can be extremely damaging to some items. To counteract this potential damage, you might want to consider renting a refrigerated van, especially if you have any of these things to transport.


Certain collectable artefacts are vulnerable to high temperatures. In particular, wood is liable to warping or developing cracks if it gets too warm, so keep it cool during transportation to ensure no loss of value. Painted items might become faded in high temperatures, too.

In addition to keeping your antiques cold, you should make sure the atmosphere is low in humidity.


Those precious artworks are at serious risk of being ruined if they're moved in hot trucks. The heat can cause canvases to distort and sag, which could lead to costly restoration work or even permanent damage. Like painted antiques, the colours can also quickly become faded.

Fine wines

If you're a wine collector, you'll be used to keeping your bottles in carefully controlled conditions in the cellar. That shouldn't be any different when you're moving them to a new home, even if it's just a short drive. Refrigerated transportation can help you keep the perfect conditions for your wines to arrive safely.


This shouldn't be a problem for most smokers, but those with a valuable cigar collection will want to take note. Tobacco can dry out very quickly in hot conditions, and your cigars will never be the same again. If you're a cigar aficionado, that's a risk you'll want to avoid.

Art supplies

Artists use a range of materials, but many of them will be susceptible to damage if they get too hot. Paints can thicken and dry, waxes and pastels melt, and canvases lose their shape.

Flammable materials

Because ordinary trucks and vans can get so hot, they can present a risk of fire in any volatile, flammable substances. To be on the safe side, keep them cool while they're on the move.

Call your local moving company for more information on refrigerated vans.


16 June 2017

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