Why Should You Buy a Caravan with an Independent Suspension System?

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When you buy a caravan, you'll probably be thinking more about how many people it can carry and what kind of features it offers, rather than what type of suspension system it uses. After all, suspension systems aren't the most interesting things in the world, but you should pay attention to the type used by each model since they can make a real difference.

When you're looking for your new caravan, try looking for one that uses independent suspension. In contrast with most other suspension types, such as leaf-spring or beam-axle, independent suspension systems allow one wheel to move independently of its opposite, and that comes with plenty of appealing benefits.

Reduced Body Roll

Body roll is something that you need to be extra careful of when you're towing a caravan. With the wind hitting its sides and plenty of weight along the top, a caravan will tend to roll more easily to the side when you're going through corners. Independent suspension systems react more minutely to changing strain on each wheel and don't roll all their weight onto one side of the vehicle, so you'll notice that your caravan won't roll as much when you're going through curves and corners.

Improved Handling and Traction

It's far more challenging to drive your car when you're pulling a caravan along behind you, but you can make things simpler by opting for independent suspension. With rigid suspension systems, a wheel will tilt when its opposing wheel goes over a bump. This means that traction and handling will be compromised, and that can be extremely dangerous in certain situations. With independent suspension, each wheel acts independently, so this isn't something you'll need to worry about.

Smoother Ride

One of the best things about having an independent suspension system in your car is that the ride is a lot smoother and more comfortable with an independent suspension. Comfort won't matter as much with a caravan since you shouldn't be towing it while people are still inside, but a smoother ride is still advantageous. Remember, bumping and jostling will move items around in your caravan, possibly damaging your personal possessions. Additionally, any roughness in the ride will be transmitted to your vehicle.

Superior Off-Road Performance

Finally, independent suspension systems are ideal for covering rougher terrain. That doesn't mean you can take your caravan across rock fields, but it does mean that you should be able to go across unpaved roads without having to worry about getting stuck or damaging the underbody of your caravan. 

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16 May 2017

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